International Forum of Well-being & Development Policy

Well-being and progress remain concepts under construction, involving a constant evolution and redefinition. The conceptual assessment and pursuit of these notions have evolved from predominant economic variables and indicators towards multidimensional, more comprehensive and balanced models in which variables such as human development, cultural identity, equity, environmental sustainability or psycho-social well-being, also known as subjective well-being, are considered.

Nowadays, subjective well-being is a topic in the core of the international public agenda. It requires a call for governments to implement public policies aiming to improve citizen’s quality of life and well-being. As an international trend, this will contribute to participatory construction of development as established in the United Nations Post-2015 agenda.

The Government of the State of Jalisco has decided to promote this approach with determination. The purpose is to set up well-being as the keystone of local policies. Therefore, since the beginning of the current administration a Well-Being Policy was decreed, with the objective of being a crosscut influence in the content of any governmental action. Nevertheless, as any other initiative, questions remain unanswered. Hence, the Government of the State of Jalisco has decided to contribute to the global discussion regarding this innovative approach, while simultaneously enhances the well-being public policies in a holistic way, institutionalizing local development public policies.